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Evolution® Series Air Conditioners

Available In Variable-Speed As Well As 1- And 2-Stage Units, These Powerful Air Conditioners Can Operate As Quietly As A Vacuum With 19+ SEER Efficiency Ratings. All Of These Models Can Be Controlled From Almost Anywhere With The Evolution® Connex® Control. Enjoy Consistent Comfort, Even On Extreme Days.

189BNV -Up To 19 -As Low As 56 -Variable-Speed
180B -Up To 21 -As Low As 66 -Two-Stage
187B -Up To 17 -As Low As 70 -Two-Stage
187BNC -Up To 17 -As Low As 70 -Two-Stage
186B -Up To 16 -As Low As 68 -Single-Stage

Preferred™ Series Air Conditioners

Whether You Choose The 1- Or 2-Stage Unit Or The Preferred™ Compact Model, You’ll Enjoy Reliable, Whole-Home Comfort. These Mid-Tier Air Conditioners Are Designed To Operate Consistently And Quietly With SEER Ratings Of 15 Or Higher. Some Preferred™ Compact Models May Not Be Eligible For Installation In The Southeast Or Southwest Regions Based On Department Of Energy Minimum Efficiency Standards. Your Bryant Dealer Can Help You Decide Which Preferred™ Series Air Conditioner Is Right For You.

127A -Up To 17 -As Low As 72 -Two-Stage
126B -Up To 16 -As Low As 72 -Single-Stage
124ANS -14 -As Low As 66 -Single-Stage
123A -13 -As Low As 74 -Single-Stage
538A -13 -As Low As 66 -Single-Stage

Legacy™ Line Central Air Conditioners

Legacy Line Air Conditioners Provide Cost-Efficient Cooling For Your Home, Delivering An Up To 16.5 SEER Rating. Some Legacy™ Models May Not Be Eligible For Installation In Some Regions Based On Department Of Energy Minimum Efficiency Standards. Your Bryant Dealer Can Help You Decide Which Legacy™ Line Air Conditioner Is Right For You.

106A -Up To 16 -As Low As 72 -Single-Stage
116B -Up To 16 -As Low As 76 -Single-Stage
105A -14 -As Low As 72 -Single-Stage
114C -14 -As Low As 72 -Single-Stage
114CNC -14 -As Low As 73 -Single-Stage
113A -13 -As Low As 72 -Single-Stage

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